MARK DescendAll

„Never change a winning team!“ That’s why we took our well approved system of two flywheel-brakes which are working in both directions (=oscillating operation) and adapted the brakinggeometry according the goal to increase the descending speed.

A device resulted, which still meets EN 341-A for one person (max. 150 kg) at a descending speed of max. 1,9m/s. On top of that the MARK DescendAll is fully weather- and outdoor proof with the optional protection-hood (Rain Cover).

For easy inspection (e.g. daily check of the breakpads before operation at a rope course) the device is equipped with a hole covered with a plug which gives you the possibility to get a view to the indicator of the brake pads without any tools.

  • Increased descending speed (max. 1,9 m/s) which results in more fun without the loss of safety (EN 341-A)
  • Inspections-friendly due to visual check of brake pads without tools
  • With the optional protection-hood perfectly well equipped for the daily use outdoors
  • Perfect e.g. for an exit-point at a rope course. The device can be used in both directions (oscillating operation: when the first person is down on the ground, the second person can attach on the other side of the rope and descend; no more waiting for the device to be returned).

KNAUF Secure

KNAUF Secure is a new anchor point device for securing people against falls.

Up to  now, anchor point devices have only been applicable for solid construction parts such as concrete walls and ceilings. Knauf Secure is a unique patented system for drywall constructions.

Where can Knauf SECURE anchor points be installed?

Knauf SECURE can be used on drywall constructions, wall furrings and suspended ceilings as well as on wooden and reinforced concrete components.

Forum Prävention

The conference “Forum Prävention” of the independent Austrian general accident insurance, called AUVA, in Innsbruck is the most important event in Austria when it comes to prevent working-accidents. Safety-experts are holding workshops and giving updates and news about advantages, regulations and campaigns about safety and health at work.

Together with our partner KNAUF we will present all different types of the brand new KNAUF Secure anchor-points for PPE against falls from heights. This system is the World´s first anchor-point for all variations of drywall installation as well as suspended ceilings. On site we´d like to answer all your questions and show you the system.