MARK Hero – Rescue device

Demands on descender and rescue devices are extremely high in certain industries. In wind turbines, for example, the requirements of ANSI have to be fulfilled, which requires a load capacity of up to 282 kg.

With our proven MARK Elephant (Hub) we already had a good base. Due to slight reinforcements in the structure, it was no problem for us to develop a device that meets even extreme requirements.

The MARK Hero (Hub) is now by far the most powerful rescue tool on the market.

Key Facts – MARK Hero (Hub):

  • tested according to the guidelines of EN 341: 2011-1A, EN 1496: 2007-B and ANSI Z359.4: 2013, CSA Z259.2.3: 2016
  • Load capacity 285 kg (3 persons)
  • Abseiling height up to 500m
  • Unrestricted lifting function for full load over the entire cable length (285 kg over 500m)
  • Connection for cordless screwdriver as standard
  • Inspection interval 10,000m / 1x annually or 10 years maintenance-free in the Seal Pack